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File a Claim for Lost, Damaged or Stolen PackageUpdated 5 months ago

Purchased Navidium Shipping Protection and need to file a claim? File HERE

Didn't purchase Navidium Shipping Protection and need to talk to support about a lost, damaged or stolen package? Email us at [email protected]

Navidium Shipping Protection Info:

What are the claim filing time frames? 

  • Time to File: Within 90 days from date of shipment 
  • Lost Shipments: Wait 15 days from order date before filing a claim
  • Damaged Shipments: Can be filed immediately 

Will I receive a replacement or reimbursement if my claim is approved? You can select to receive a replacement or be reimbursed for your purchase. 

What documents do I need to submit? To complete our online form, you will need your order ID, recipient statement of non-receipt or pictures of damage (if applicable). 

Note that Navidium does not cover manufacturer defects. For product defects or any other issues, please contact Norse Tradesman support.

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