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Can I engrave my own design on my horn?

Yes, you may absolutely customize and engrave your own horn. We recommend to stencil your design onto the horn first and then use a small rotary tool such as a dremel to engrave. Note that this will void your one-year warranty, so proceed at your own

How to play Hnefatafl

Please see our PDF guidebook attached.

Is my drinking horn safe to drink from?

Absolutely. Drinking horns have been safely used for thousands of years. To increase the lifespan and reduce odors, Norse Tradesman also adds a food-safe lacquer to the interior of each horn and tankard.This is the same type of sealant that is used t

Is the mug shown on your website the same mug that I will receive?

No. Each horn comes from a different animal and is completely unique. Each horn has it's own shape and color pattern, so no two are alike. This is what makes them so special!

What kind of animal do your horns come from?

Norse Tradesman harvests the highest quality ox and cow horns from produce farms where the animals are slaughtered for meat. Like our forefathers, we believe that no part of an animal should be wasted.

Will my drinking horn smell like manure?

Most horns have little-to-no smell at all. However, the occasional horn could have an unpleasant odor. If it does, please consult our article on removing odor from your horn.

Can I order my item with customizations?

The tunics are not customizable. This means that your tunic will be delivered to you the same as it is shown on the picture.